Who is The Garfield?

Garfield – the cat, created by Jim Davis. The character is very greedy and likes to sleep, as all the typical cats, but when he has nothing to do, he walks on the table, on the street, pretends to hunt for mice (although he is friends with them), kicks the dog, Oddie shows the performances in the yard, waging war with spiders, and goes on a date with Arlene.


Garfield was born in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant, where he began to experience the passion for Italian dishes, the cook later sold the cat, John Arbuckle.


The exterior of Garfield much has changed since the 70’s to the present time. If in the first appearance he was chubby, crapology, a short-legged cat with small eyes, at the present time his appearance became more cartoonish (elongated limbs, large eyes). Despite this, some of its features have remained unchanged: the coat is red, with black stripes, small ears, long tail, black (but sometimes green) eyes.

Interesting facts

  • Garfield was named after the grandfather of Jim Davis, who was named in honor of U.S. President James Garfield.
  • Word flatters a fat Garfield, but sometimes offends, why is it unknown.
  • Garfield is friendly with the mice, but the mouse sometimes “rebel” against him and take the food.
  • Best friend of Garfield –  Oddi, but Garfield even though he won’t admit it.


Garzooka – double of Garfield, is the commander of the space forces, which came from the world of comics in the cartoon world of Garfield to save the universe from Betwix, to take possession a weapon that can subdue all the living and nonliving. Garzooka, in a word, mighty and able, literally, to spit radioactive balls.


The most famous of them is the grandfather of Garfield, who supposedly lived in Africa. Also, in the cartoons, his mother, many cousins, a grandfather who actually died, mentioned his father. In sequels of the film “Garfield” to know that Garfield has a double royalty, which is probably a relative of his.

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