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Garfield’s Defense 2 – Great Academy with strategy elements for Android. Your hero Garfield took on the role of defender of the world. Together with friends he will cleanse the world from the invasion of enemies. In the second part of the game the developer has made the game a lot of changes. Also has multiplayer where you can fight a team with a friend. The graphics in the game, like themes, cartoon.
Garfield Zombie Defense
Garfield Zombie Defense – Because of radiation leaks affected sauce favorite lasagna and all who ate it turned into a horrible zombie, terrorizing all around in search of a new lasagna, the only remaining is in the house of Garfield. The first thing you have to do correctly and efficiently accommodate all of its defenders to a zombie could not break through the defense and get to the cherished treasures. The game has 2 modes – survival and story mode, 4 difficulty levels, unmatched levels and comedic characters.
Garfield saves the holidays / Garfield saves the holidays
Garfield Saves The Holidays – this is a great arcade game for android tablets. Help the cat Garfield save the Earth from alien invasion. The aliens want to spoil the new year’s holiday. Do not let the strangers spoil new year celebration. Defeat the aliens in 60 different levels. Earn bonuses, enjoy a pleasant comic book-like graphics, combine elements of defence and attack to win.
Автомат печенья Гарфилда / Garfield
Garfield Cookie Dozer – Garfield has reached a new level! Now he plays slot machines. But the main advantage for him of course food. He will not play for coins, but for sweet and juicy buns. The game contains a large number of different slot machines and various lotteries. The aim of the game is very simple, type the maximum number of buns to earn maximum points.
Побег Гарфилда / Garfield
Garfield’s Escape – the new adventures of favorite characters – the cat Garfield and dog Odie. Their master, John, stumbled upon a super is technology for life – robot bath-O-Metik, which is designed to otkrivanja dirty cats and dogs. Here this miracle of technology you have to drive 4 parts of your home, perform breathtaking stunts and collecting various items. Passing level until the end you are guaranteed to get a design from Garfield and passing all the levels will open up a bonus level! Only 15 levels and 2 difficulty levels, excellent controls, exciting gameplay and shop for shopping! And yet – a lot of fun and the leaderboard and achievements!
Lunch in Hawaii Garfield / Garfield
Garfield’s Diner Hawaii – This is the second part of the game, which takes you to a great company of Garfield and Jon on the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands. If you played the first part, you should know that in the story the main characters are first-class cooks and after excellent work in schools Irma was rewarded with a vacation. From this moment begins the story of the second part.
Manufacturer: Web Prancer
Garfield's Defense. Attack of the food invaders / Garfields Defense. Attack of the Food Invaders
Garfield’s Defense. Attack of the Food Invaders hungry aliens that have eaten everything on their home planet came to earth and landed at the house of Garfield. Protect your provision at any cost. Use improvised weapons against aliens, and when after a few levels they will become stronger and quicker get help households and improve their weapons.

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