Garfield Tic Tac Toe for Kids

It’s Tic Tac Toe with Garfield! Play tic tac toe in the heat of the summer in Garfield Tic Tac Toe, a Rooplay Original game! Place three Xs or Os in a row to conquer the beach. Includes classic tic tac toe in a fun summer theme starring Garfield and Odie. Garfield Tic Tac Toe can be played with up to two players, so grab a friend and hit the beach!

Classic tic-tac-toe gameplay
Playable with up to two players
Play as Garfield and Odie
The loveable Garfield brand that’s always child safe

About Rooplay:
Garfield Tic Tac Toe is one of many child-friendly games on Rooplay, an interactive game platform for children to play, learn and create exclusively on Google Play. From learning games to puzzle games, Rooplay has hundreds of interactive activities for kids 2-8 contained in a single app. With no ads or outbound links, Rooplay provides a safe, collaborative, and engaging environment for your child to explore.

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  1. Just realized all these Garfield games are part of the Rooplay app. You get them all and 500 other games in one app. Tried to post link… can’t so just search for it.

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